Video via drone is a great addition to any project.  The biggest reason being it gives a perspective that humans have never seen before from the ground or even aircraft.  This is because we can now get to areas just out of reach to treetop or above.  Per FAA regulations, max height it 400 feet AGL or from the ground at take off.  This gives plenty of room to video from getting that view just out of reach to the horizon view that you would see from an airplane or helicopter.
Aerial videography is great for telling a story of an event, showing the whole view of a property for a real estate listing, sporting events (some require additional FAA waivers), commercial uses such as marketing, social media and others.  Many t.v. shows and news agencies use drones now as well for aerial coverage and scenes.
What is so great about aerial video via drone?  Detail, being able to get close, and clarity.  Drones can get into those places we couldn't before so we can get greater detail than from a manned aircraft.  Clarity is a huge option for drones now.  With my DJI drones, I can capture video at 4K.  This allows the viewer to see remarkable detail, even on large formats.  Drone video can now also be live streamed via Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms directly from the drones I use.
For my personal videography and client videography, I take my time to make sure it is the highest quality.  Clients can receive video edited, with or without music, or unedited for their use later.  For more information, please see the Aerial Pricing page.
Below are two examples of video completed using drones.  More video is available on my YouTube channel.
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