Welcome to my blog, "The Aerial Photographer of Rural Ohio".  Why "The Aerial Photographer of Rural Ohio"?  Because I am from and live the Buckeye State, my wife's side of the family farms, I love outdoors, rural and natural settings, and, did I mention, I LOVE FARMING!  Oh yeah, and I am an photographer, specializing in drone photography, and a commercial FAA Pilot operating under Part 107 with a Remote Pilot certification.  
Hi, my name is Nick Smith.  The blog is part of my photography website, Beeline Aerial.  Even so, I want to share my personal passion with everyone.  I am so excited be able to share my aerial photography passion with you.  Join me as I travel throughout Ohio, and I am sure other areas throughout the U.S.A., for some amazing views, video, and who knows what else, of all that the rural areas can offer.  "The Aerial Photographer of Rural Ohio" will share some of the amazing areas and views I have been able to see from the air using my DJI products for aerial photography and Canon DLSRs for ground photography.   I love them and am extremely passionate about what photography has brought to my life.  There may even be a few tips of things I have learned along the way and things to do at the places I visit.
To get in touch with me regarding the blog, please email theaerialphotographerofruralohio@beeline-aerial.com or fill out the comment form on the blog comment page.  For all other comments, please fill out the contact or request a quote forms.  Videos for the blog and featured in the available on the YouTube channel for The Aerial Photographer of Rural Ohio.
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