Aerial photography via drone for commercial purposes requires the drone operator to be licensed with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Services are provided for this use via a certified Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot with sUAS rating, which I am.  This not only is a requirement but it also shows the client that the person they are using for their project is a professional, knows the rules to operate, and can produce the product they need.
Aerial photography produced via drone has many uses.  These include real estate, commercial, marketing, golf courses, farming (FAA determined this is commercial since the farmer is a business), events, auctions, art, etc.  I have experience with all of these from my photographic art collection, stock photography, and working with individuals and groups for their aerial needs.  
For many uses, such as events, aerial work is combined with ground photography.  This helps for getting a feel and perspective from both low and high vantage points.
Below are some examples of the aerial photography done for clients and the art collection.
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